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Google Review Card – By TrustedTap

Google Review Card – By TrustedTap

🏆 2024’s Top rated card for collecting reviews.

Boost your business reputation online and attract new customers with ease - your simple solution for a better business image.

💳 No Monthly Fees.

📈 Enhances your Google search ranking.

📱 Works with all Apple and Android smartphones.

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  • No Setup
  • Easy Returns
  • No Fees

How it works?

Say goodbye to review struggles!

Our Google Review Card makes getting reviews as easy as tap-and-go. Just hand it to your customers, and:

  • Tap it! A friendly notification pops up on their phone.
  • Swipe it! They're effortlessly guided straight to your Google review form.
  • Share their thoughts! In seconds, their review shines bright on your Google My Business page for the world to see.

That's it! No messy typing, no clicking mazes - just effortless feedback that boosts your online presence and attracts more customers by showcasing real experiences. Happy customers, higher rankings, more business - it's a win-win-win!

Instructions to use:

This is an NFC card, and almost all mobiles (Android and Apple) has this feature inbuilt. Just make sure the customers turn on the NFC feature on Android and all iPhone above 10s model has NFC in default ON. So, it’s just a tap away to leave a review.

  1. Receive the Card: You receive the Review card, pre-programmed for your Google review page.
  2. Hand Over the Card: As a business owner, you hand over the card to your customer.
  3. Customer Action: Your customer taps this NFC card with their smartphone.
  4. Notification Popup: A notification pops up on their phone screen in iPhone and in android devices, directly the link opens up.
  5. Swipe to Google Review (For iPhone): They swipe the notification to access your business's Google Review form.
  6. Leave a Review: Your customer can now easily leave a review.
  7. Instant Posting: The review is instantly posted to your Google My Business page.
  8. Benefit: This streamlined process reduces friction for your customer, saving time and effort, while significantly strengthening your online presence and boosting your Google ranking. The result? More customers drawn to your business.


We offer 100% FREE Shipping for all orders in INDIA. Order processing takes 1-2 business days before shipment. Once your order is dispatched, the estimated delivery time is 2-5 business days.

Return & Refund Policy

We're passionate about our TrustedTap Card products, and we're sure you'll appreciate them too. However, we understand that sometimes things may not go as expected. That's why we've designed our return and refund policy with your convenience in mind. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can assist you. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority.

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Why Choose Us?

  • 🌐 Unlimited Access

    Enjoy unlimited lifetime free access and use your card anytime, anywhere for life.

  • Instant

    Collect reviews instantly without any delays and effortlessly grow your business.

  • 💳 No Fees

    Experience freedom with no monthly fees or subscriptions or any contracts.

  • ✔️ Fully Compatible

    Connect effortlessly on all iPhones and Android devices ensuring smooth functionality.

  • 🔐 No Setup

    Start collecting Google reviews right away as the card already comes pre-programmed.

  • 🚚 Free Shipping

    Effortlessly expand your business with the convenience of our free nation wide shipping.


How does this TrustedTap card works?

The TrustedTap card operates in three simple steps:

  1. Present the Google Review card to your customer.
  2. Your customer taps the Capture Card.
  3. Your Google Review form opens, allowing your customer to leave a review.

Is there any limit to how many reviews I can collect?

No limits here! You can use TrustedTap card to gather unlimited reviews and valuable feedback.

Are there any extra fees or monthly subscription?

No, there are no extra fees or monthly subscription fees. You make a one-time purchase for the card, and it's yours to use forever.

If I run into any issues, who do I contact?

We provide various support channels, including customer support via email and WhatsApp to assist you in resolving any issues or inquiries.

Is TrustedTap card compatible with all phones?

Yes, the Capture Card is designed to be compatible with all smartphones including both Apple and Android, ensuring that it works seamlessly with any device.

Is the TrustedTap card secure to use?

Absolutely, the TrustedTap card is designed with security in mind. We prioritize the protection of customer data to ensure safe and secure usage.

Can I change the link on my TrustedTap card?

No, the TrustedTap cards are pre-programmed to direct customers to your Google Reviewpage. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for collecting reviews without the need for manual link changes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rishi, Pet Groomer, Mumbai
So Convenient

Spoiled pups deserve glowing reviews, and TrustedTap makes it happen. Clients can instantly share their furry friend's happy spa day, attracting more wagging tails to our door. Woof to more business!

Vikram, Bike Shop Mechanic
Game Changer

Fixing gears and fixing hearts - that's what we do. TrustedTap lets happy cyclists praise our skills, making our shop the go-to spot for two-wheeled adventures. Every review fuels our passion for pedals!

Rahul, Tailor
Great Product

Creating bespoke threads, and TrustedTap helps stitch together a loyal clientele. Clients can share their sartorial satisfaction with a tap, showcasing our craftsmanship and attracting new fashionistas. This card is a perfect fit!

Anu, Florist, Bangalore

Spreading joy with every bloom, and TrustedTap lets everyone know. Happy customers can easily showcase their beautiful bouquets, turning our shop into a fragrant review garden. It's the perfect bloom for our business!

Kajol, Hairdresser
Amazing Tech!

Happy clients with stunning hair are our best ads, and TrustedTap lets them tell the world. Easy reviews showcase our transformations, making new customers walk in with confidence. It's the perfect blow-out for our business!