About Us

At TrustedTap, we know how crucial positive online reviews are for Indian businesses. In a world driven by mobile technology, your Google Reviews profile can make or break your customer's first impression. That's why we created TrustedTap, the Google Review Card: a simple, innovative solution to transform review collection into a seamless, one-tap experience.

Our Mission:

We're passionate about empowering Indian businesses to thrive in the digital age. We believe that every positive customer interaction deserves to be heard, and TrustedTap makes it easier than ever for your happy customers to share their experiences with the world.

How We Do It:

1. The Power of a Tap: Our sleek NFC-enabled Google Review Card eliminates the friction of traditional review processes. No more cumbersome QR codes or lengthy links. Your customers simply tap their phone to the card, and instantly, your Google Review form pops up, ready for their feedback.

2. Effortless Integration: TrustedTap seamlessly integrates with your existing Google My Business profile. No additional setup is required, just hand out the cards, and watch your reviews roll in.

3. Real-Time Insights: Stay on top of your customer sentiment with real-time review notifications. Monitor feedback, respond promptly, and build even stronger relationships with your valued customers.

Join the Trusted Tap Community:

At TrustedTap, we're more than just a product. We're a community of Indian businesses committed to leveraging the power of positive online reviews. By choosing TrustedTap, you're not just simplifying review collection, you're joining a network of entrepreneurs dedicated to building stronger customer connections and unlocking the full potential of online reputation.

Ready to tap into the power of Google Reviews? Contact us today and experience the TrustedTap difference!